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Boutique stop-motion animation studio in Springfield, MO.



Two siblings who didn't know anything about filmmaking (and not that much about plastic bricks) got a bright idea: Make a movie! Greg and Monica were their names and they were ambitious. In 2008 they made a short film in their bedroom on the carpet with whatever light happened to be streaming in the the window. That is, they started to, when they realized that might not be the best location. So they moved to the basement and started over on concrete with lamps and better sets. One thing led to another and in late 2009 Greg had the *brilliant* idea to make a short film for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival – a month before the deadline, which ended up becoming two weeks before the deadline when production seriously began. They got it done, though it had a lot of problems – a lot. But, all things considered, it made it into the festival and showed in San Antonio January of 2010. On the way down to the festival Greg was a little excited and so came up with another story. Bigger, better, more epic! And ridiculous... Well, fourteen edits and many weeks later they had a story worth the telling. So they got down and seriously began production. And that, my friends, is how “Bound” was begun...


We are Christians. We believe in the Bible and in God as the creator of the universe. Therefore our inspiration comes from Him and His incarnate word.

Business Statement

At Monitogo Studios we desire to capture the hearts of our audience and inspire them to glorify God through genuine characters, clever stories, and realistic worlds.

Our niche specialty, brickfilm, has opened the door for us to use a medium that is little recognized as a serious filmmakers tool.  We hope to redefine that perception of the most loved toy of all time!

Clever Storytelling - Incredible Cinema

Greg and Monica

Greg and Monica


Springfield, MO 65802